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New York Rangers Officially Call Up Magnus Hellberg

The Rangers have called up Magnus Hellberg.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

If you missed it, the New York Rangers lost Henrik Lundqvist for the final 40 minutes of yesterday's loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins due to a freak eye injury involving Marc Staal's stick and Lundqvist's right eye.

As a response, the Rangers have called up Magnus Hellberg.

We now know, per a report, that there is no lasting damage to Lundqvist's eyesight. That doesn't mean there isn't swelling/damage to the eye short term that will keep him out of action. Thankfully, the Rangers have two days off for him to recover if they want to wait it out and see if he can go on Saturday.

After the way the Penguins handled their goalie situation, it would not shock me if Alain Vigneault was doing this just to screw with the coverage/flow of information. Or maybe the Rangers actually need him moving forward.

We'll update as we know.