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Henrik Lundqvist Is Probably Fine For Game Two

Good news!

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Rangers gave the world the first glimpses of Henrik Lundqvist post-eye injury this afternoon during their practice. The team had a bit of fun with it:

And after a few moments of wondering what was going on, it appears as though Lundqvist is ready to go (thus confirming the report that his eyesight was good to go).

This is good news. Despite Lundqvist's eyesight being fine long term, this was one of those situations where he could have easily missed a good amount of time for that area to heal. Hopefully he's good to go as the Game Two starter -- and this showing at practice all but confirms that.

There's also this:

And if you think it's just a maintenance day you might be right but:

Not sure what to make about it. More on that when it comes.