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Bantering The Blueshirts Tonight At 8!

There will be another lovely Bantering The Blueshirts tonight.

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I wrote the 2016 eulogy already, which you've hopefully read. Now allow me, Mike and Beth the pleasure of talking about the Rangers' dead season directly into your ears.

A few notes about the show:

1) We do intend to continue doing the show regularly during the offseason. It might get a little silly, but that makes it more fun.

2) If you missed it, Beth is the semi-permanent co-host with Mike and myself. She'll join us every week she can (hopefully more often than not because she's smart).

3) The show is moving to Wednesday's at 8 p.m. It works better for all of us. So mark Wednesday on your calendar from now on.

4) Loot Crate has been kind enough to sponsor the show. So utilize and sign up for some crates of loot. We'll love you forever.

Hope to see you there tonight, guys. The link to the show is here: and you can also subscribe to us on Itunes. We'll also be on Sticher soon and even Google Play! WOO!

See you there!