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Reflecting on Boyle vs. Brooks; ICYMI from the Banter; Playoffs continue Ranger-less

Today's New York Rangers notes

Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

After an eventful day of hearing the final thoughts from the Rangers on their break up day, things simmered down on Wednesday for everyone to collect their thoughts and formulate new opinions on the team moving forward.

Full coverage of the Rangers break up day here.

Social media and the blogosphere (including ourselves) had some time to break down the tense moment between Dan Boyle and Larry Brooks of the NY Post, during the veteran defender's final meeting with the NY media this season. [Blueshirt Banter]

Since it was quite slow day (from what we know) in the Rangers' world, here are some recent articles from the Banter in case you missed them.

Thoughts on the idea of a McDonagh trade from Joe Fortunato.

Part one of a multi-part series this off-season, examining three varying strategic routes for the New York Rangers to take following the 2015-16 season by HockeyStatMiner.

The latest on the Riveters from Mike Murphy.

And of course, the latest episode of Bantering the Blueshirts.

Lastly, as the playoffs continue on without the Rangers, the NHL took an untraditional approach on Wednesday, scheduling the first game of the second round matchups on the same day as the final game of the first round matchups. Usually the NHL waits to finish the prior round before starting the next one, but I guess NBC saw ratings issues in waiting another day

Nevertheless, the Islanders brought down the Lightning 5-3 to take the first game of that series. The Predators will move on to face the Sharks in the conference semi-finals after defeating the Ducks 2-1 in game seven last night.