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Nobody is going to top this Rangers-themed prom invitation

It isn't even prom yet and this kid has already won it.

So say you're a New York Rangers fan, and you want to go to prom. (What else are you going to do now that they aren't playing, anyway?) Of course, there are the easy ways to ask someone out to prom - and then, there are the ways that nobody can say no to.

Take, for instance, Chris' proposal. It'd be one thing to make just a big sign in general - but to fill it up with puns? Better yet, Rangers puns absolutely nobody would be able to resist? That's just pure genius.

If anything, this provides just another reason the Rangers have to re-sign Keith Yandle. In addition to the whole "good at hockey" thing, his name help makes for a good prom invite. Otherwise, would prom really be as (Rick) Nashty as it could be?