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These New York Rangers shoes are perfect

If you needed some new shoes, here's your inspiration.


Custom-made shoes are pretty awesome - but they're that much better when they're New York Rangers-themed, aren't they? Especially when they're as clean and crisp as these ones.

@SandyLuria now has pretty much the best shoes around, evidently custom-painted by @gabynicolex, who didn't let differing team fandoms get in the way of doing an awesome job.

Both logos are up front on the toes, perfectly done from the lettering to the shading on the Statue of Liberty; the heels feature some more detail, most notably with the "1926" on the back of one: the year the Rangers were founded and began playing in Madison Square Garden, competing in the NHL.

What other details could be added? The New York skyline along the sides could be really cool - but that might get a bit extensive, and ruin the simplicity of this final product. Really, they're perfect as they are.