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Report: Rangers Sign Michael Joly Of QMJHL

Per a report the Rangers have made their first undrafted free agent signing of the year.

Per a report, the New York Rangers have agreed to terms with undrafted free agent Michael Joly from the QMJHL. Joly was a participant in the Buffalo Sabres' camp in 2014 and the Toronto Maple Leafs camp last year.

The report came from Toutsurlet Hockey. From that story (with a very rough translation):

According to reports Jean-François Plante, Québec striker Michael Joly, signed an entry agreement with the New York Rangers. The 21-year-old has just completed his final season in the QMJHL, it was never drafted into the NHL. He had also received an invitation to camp last assessment Maple Leafs.

His statistics are embedded below:

Take the numbers with someone of a grain of salt, since the QMJHL is a very high scoring league -- but this is still a nice jump. It should be noted that he's 21 this year, so he was an overage, but 33 goals in 39 games and then 11 goals in 13 playoff games isn't anything to scoff at.

We'll try to make confirmations on this officially, but thoughts?