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Henrik Lundqvist is already back at it

He has a charity game to play in soon, after all!

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The New York Rangers' season ended just a little under two months ago. It was far earlier than the past several years' efforts, and if it carried any silver lining to it, it was that the players had a chance to rest. That many deep consecutive playoff runs can take a toll on the body.

But now it appears it's time to start getting back in the swing of things. Not quite to the intensity of an NHL game, but to keep going at it so they'll be ready for that come October. (Or September, in the case of players participating in the World Cup of Hockey.)

To that end: here's all of Henrik Lundqvist's gear, taken by the man himself, as he gets back at it.

Back at it again..

A photo posted by Henrik Lundqvist (@hank30nyr) on

Lundqvist does have a charity game to play in at the end of the month - so there's definitely no better time for him to strap the pads back on and get ready! Both for it, and the rest of the summer that looms ahead in anticipation for the fall.