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New York Rangers Rumors: Rangers Trying To Move Dan Girardi and/or Marc Staal?

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NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-New York Rangers at Pittsburgh Penguins Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Just as the pre-draft festivities began to kick off at the First Niagara Center, the New York Rangers may be trying to rid themselves of a big contract. According to Pat Leonard, the Rangers are attempting to find a taker for Marc Staal and possibly Dan Girardi as teams file onto the draft floor.

Obviously this is quite a groundbreaking development, as it was fairly evident that at least one or both were going to return next season. By moving either of the two, the Rangers would instantly free up a boat load of cap space, barring any salary coming back the other way.

The major sticking point here though is that Staal and Girardi both have no-movement clauses in their contract, and ultimately have the final say if a deal is reached. If the Rangers can rid themselves of one or both contracts before the weekend is over, Jeff Gorton will certainly set the Rangers up extremely well heading into a busy summer.

We’ll continue to update with information as we hear more.