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Sam Rosen to be inducted into Hockey Hall of Fame

He'll receive the Foster Hewitt Memorial Award on Nov. 14.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

New York Rangers broadcaster Sam Rosen is a legend. We already knew this - but now, the rest of the hockey world is recognizing it as official.

Rosen grew up around New York sports, admiring Yankees broadcaster Mel Allen and taking his own talents to the rink, where he eventually succeeded Jim Gordon in 1984. Ten years into his career, he got to call a Stanley Cup win; 32 years into his career, he gets honored by the Hockey Hall of Fame as a broadcaster with the Foster Hewitt Memorial Award, which he will receive for outstanding contributions as a hockey broadcaster.

Via the NY Daily News Chuck Kaiton, the president of the NHL Broadcasters' Association, praised Rosen in a statement:

"Sam has distinguished himself for over thirty years with his unique style and passion for the game of hockey. He is a very deserving winner of this honour and the NHL Broadcasters' Association is proud to have him represent us."

Rosen, alongside Chicago Blackhawks historian Bob Verdi, will be honored on Nov. 14 in Toronto at the media awards luncheon.