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Riveters Offseason Update

New York Riveters Media Day Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

After the Rebecca Russo signing the New York Riveters have just two contract spots remaining.

Here is a breakdown of their current salary cap situation.

  • Highest-Paid Player: Amanda Kessel, $26,000
  • Salary Cap With Draft Taxes: $263,000
  • Remaining Cap Space: $36,000
  • Returning 2015-16 Riveters: Ketchum, Weber, Packer, Fritz-Ward, Johnston, Dosdall
  • NWHL Free Agent Additions: Leonoff (CTW), Fratkin (CTW)
  • NWHL Rookies: McMillen, Picard, Burke, D’Oench, Gruschow, Kessel, Russo

Projected Lines and Pairings

Ketchum - ? - Kessel

D’Oench - Weber - Packer

Russo - Fritz-Ward - Gruschow

Fratkin - Picard

Burke - McMillen

Johnston - Dosdall

In addition to the forward and goaltender that general manager Chad Wiseman needs to sign, he also has to put together a six player practice squad. That squad will be made up of one goaltender and five skaters.

We will likely see some familiar faces on the team’s practice squad. Players like Celeste Brown, Taylor Holze, Gabie Figueroa, and Elena Orlando would be solid options. There is also a large college free agent class to look to for more roster depth.

The Riveters 2016-17 roster is almost complete. Something tells me that this team will improve on last season’s 4-12-2 record.