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Henrik Lundqvist receives Victoria Scholarship from Swedish Crown Princess

It's given to a Swedish athlete every July 14: the Crown Princess' birthday.

Everyone loves Henrik Lundqvist. Probably the only reason anyone could actually dislike him is because he's almost too perfect.

New York obviously loves Lundqvist, but guess what? Across an ocean, there's also the country he was born in. And Sweden loves Lundqvist very, very much. It's part of how he ended up being this year's recipient of the Victoria Scholarship, which is given to a Swedish athlete by Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden, every July 14 (her birthday).

Lundqvist is the first hockey player to be recognized since 2011, when Henrik and Daniel Sedin received it. Peter Forsberg and Stefan Persson are the only other players to ever receive the same honor.

And because it was her birthday, Lundqvist - the first goalie - got the Crown Princess a gift as well...