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Marek Malik revisits his shootout goal

You know the one.

Remember Marek Malik? Yeah, you do. He may only have spent three seasons with the New York Rangers roughly a decade ago, but that was also when he pulled off the shootout winner of a lifetime.

It's still the defining moment of his career. And as learned when they caught up with him this summer, he still finds it pretty cool.

"For me, I'm really happy that I was a part of it. I was the one who made that shot, and it really makes me happy. But most of all it makes me happy for the people that they like it. It was something that makes them happy. Lots of people tell me that when they have a bad day, they go on YouTube and look at the goal and they get in a better mood. That's that thing that makes me even happier."

Hockey is, ideally, about happiness and entertainment, so it really can't get better than for a guy like Malik, who wants to be remembered as a good teammate, has such a strong lasting legacy.

He also got some newfound fame following his goal - then, first of the season, even if it doesn't really show up as such in the stats - including getting a standing ovation at a Knicks game.

Malik last played hockey in Austria during the 2013-14 season; since then, he's gone into coaching - currently for HC Frydek-Mistek in the Czech Republic - and his two sons are hoping to wear Malik jerseys of their own in the NHL one day.

Maybe soon, instead of an awesome shootout goal, they can get an awesome 3-on-3 overtime winner.