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Henrik Lundqvist, NHLPA donate 60 new sets of youth hockey equipment to Frolunda

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With help from the Rangers Assist program and the NHLPA's Goals & Dreams, a lot of kids are going to get the chance to play.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Before Henrik Lundqvist played for the New York Rangers, he played for Frolunda over in his native Sweden. The team must still have a place in his heart, as during the Rangers' Assist program (currently over in Sweden) he, along with additional help from the NHLPA, donated 60 new sets of youth hockey equipment to his former team.

The Assist program works to improve kids' experiences playing hockey, and make the sport more accessible to them. Hockey can be a really expensive game to play, so every little bit helps.

And here's how everyone reacted when Lundqvist showed up:

Yeah, that's probably a pretty common reaction, considering just who he is - and doing stuff like this definitely helps prove just why.