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Suicide Squad's Margot Robbie is a New York Rangers fan

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Or rather: Harley Quinn is a Rangers fan!

Whatever critics may be saying about the DC movie Suicide Squad - and to be sure, they really aren't being kind at the moment - it's still been a highly anticipated summer movie. Superheroes are fun, this is a whole other kind of superhero movie, and it's August and nothing is really even going on at all. So why not?

In it, Margot Robbie plays Harley Quinn, one of the very few women to have a leading role in the film. The most important thing about this? Robbie is a New York Rangers fan.

This wouldn't at all be exceptional if she was, say, from New York - but she's Australian, and fell in love with hockey regardless. She plays right wing - and she loves the Rangers.

(Henrik Lundqvist jersey? Well, that's certainly no surprise.)

Sure, you often see celebrities featured at Rangers games - but via People, "she cut short the filming of her Wolf of Wall Street audition tape to catch a New York Rangers game." That's a real, dedicated fan right there.

And who among us wouldn't do the same? Harley Quinn: she's just like us.