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The Hartford Wolf Pack have a new look

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New jerseys for a new season!

The Hartford Wolf Pack will be getting a new look for the 2016-17 season. New uniforms have come in - ones that still make it pretty clear they're affiliates of the New York Rangers.

What's different? Well, the change on the home reds is particularly obvious:

The Wolf Pack logo has been replaced by diagonal lettering, just like on the NHL's parent club (and white jerseys). Gone are the blocks of white, replaced by navy on the shoulders, and new striping on the arms; plus navy blocking down the sides.

The white ones are different from last year's, too; less red all around, and the striping on the arms has been updated to match the new home look, plus the navy side blocking.

I think my favorite of all of these, though, are the home blues in the back. They're essentially an inverse of the white aways, but it all just comes together perfectly.

They'll look much improved when it comes to their jerseys; hopefully their results on the ice will follow through, too!