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Bantering Points: 10/13/17

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Zombies Walk Sydney City Streets Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images

After shuffling up the team’s lines and defensive pairings, Alain Vigneault will look to get his team back on track tonight in Columbus. Here are today’s news and links:

Rangers News:

Around the NHL:

  • Mark Spector points out seven stats in small samples that might raise eyebrows (Sportsnet)
  • Travis Yost breaks down why the Vegas Golden Knights could be more than an early season feel good story (TSN)
  • Ryan Kennedy discusses how the league’s rule changes have allowed for smaller defenseman to showcase themselves unlike ever before (The Hockey News)
  • Justin Cuthbert sat down with New Jersey Devils goaltender Keith Kinkaid to address his emoji problem (5:12 video via Puck Daddy)