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Bantering the Blueshirts live tonight at 8pm

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Hide and Seek Master Mike Murphy

The Bantering the Blueshirts pomclaps is live tonight at 8:00 p.m. ET! It will be a lot more entertaining than The This Old House Hour on PBS. Just sayin’.

Not sure what we’ll talk about tonight. There’s not a lot going on with the team. The Rangers are just, y’know, on a five game winning streak and Brendan Smith is still a healthy scratch and the team is finally above the .500 mark. What a weird season this has been so far. Not quite Maxim Lapierre in training camp weird, but still pretty weird. And no, I’m never going to let that one go.

People who I would share my Halloween candy with aka The House of Banter:

John J. Porter, Anthony “Big Nasty” Viola, John Reppy, Johnny “How low?” Olow, Alex Reppy, Alex Gardner, Alexander “Captain” Rickard, Meaty-Ogre (that’s right, that’s this person’s name... don’t you dare judge them), Daniel Desjeunes, Eric “Good Humor” Kohn, Matt Bader, George “Soft, pillow” Lippman, GRUMPY SMOKEY, Scott Potash, Danz “The One and Only” Lynch, Mike “Step Three” Offit, Chris Baker, Bob “Those little dudes from Star Wars” Kawa, Andrew Grygo, Stink Fleaman, Tori from Manhattan, Arch Williams (with the weather), Igor Zaslavasky, Zachary Zetlin (and his amazing zeppelins), Dan Carrozzi, Alexander Thornton, Thomas “I’ll have a mimosa” Osa, Trevor Kempner and Michael “Too Good for Gold” Silvers.

Those good people, our patrons, help make the show possible. Thank you all. Seriously. This isn’t one of those fake “thank yous” that I give Joe all the time. This one comes straight from my thump-thump muscle.

Go to Blog Talk Radio to listen live tonight!

If you don’t want to listen live, that’s fine. You can find the podcast on iTunes and other places. Please give us a rating (we have 48 ratings at the moment and have 4.5 stars outta 5 stars). We’d appreciate it.

Be good to yourselves and be good to one another.