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Bantering the Blueshirts tonight at 8pm

Oh boy, it’s podcast night, so butter up your ducks and get ready. We’ll see if Joe lets me talk about survival scenarios on jungle islands this week or if we’ll be searching for ibuprofen while discussing Alain Vigneault’s contract extension.

I really hope I can work the word “kindling” into the podcast tonight. We shall see.

If you hadn’t heard by now, we have a Patreon (that word is blue and that means you can click it)! So you can sponsor our show and help us make it better (in the form of microphones and other podcast nonsense) or just simply reward us for ruining entertaining you (almost) every Wednesday night.

If you can’t afford to support our silly podcast, don’t worry. We still love you and we still love to hear from you on social media and in the comments sections on iTunes, in hastily scribbled notes scrawled onto bathroom stall doors, by carrier pigeon, in haunting letters written in cutout newsprint letters that are jammed under our front doors in the middle of the night, etc.


Ye Olde Wall Of House Banter

Anthony Viola

Danz Lynch

George Lippman

Matt Bader

Eric Kohn

Daniel Desjeunes

Michael Silvers

Trevor Kempner

Thomas Osa

Alexander Thornton

Nicholas Forlenza

Dan Carrozzi

Taelor Ritter

John J. Porter

Amriel Kissner

Zachary Zetlin

To everyone who has donated, thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We do our best to make an entertaining and informative show for you every week. You guys are the best.

Enjoy the show tonight and if you didn’t catch it live remember to download it.