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Henrik Lundqvist fastest goalie ever to reach 400 wins

It only took him 727 games.

Colorado Avalanche v New York Rangers Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Henrik Lundqvist has been making a lot of history this season, and with the 400th win of his NHL career, he’s only added to it.

Lundqvist is just the 12th goalie ever to have 400 wins. This comes in a season in which he passed Dominik Hasek for the most wins by any European-born goaltender.

And it only took him 727 games to do it. That sounds like a lot, but it’s a lot to win 400 games at all - and he’s done it at a faster rate than anybody else ever has.

That’s phenomenal. (Some may cry, “but shootout wins!” in which case, well, where are all of the other goalies of this era hitting 400 wins? They haven’t.)

Lundqvist hasn’t passed any goalies since he did Hasek, but he’s about in line to take over Chris Osgood, who won 401 games in his career, and Grant Fuhr, who won 403. All it’s going to take is four wins to get into the top 10 - and we know Lundqvist, who still has a number of years left on his deal and a number of games left to play, isn’t done yet.

In the meantime, though, here’s to #400.