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Let’s appreciate some New York Rangers

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NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Ottawa Senators at New York Rangers Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

These playoffs have been a slog to follow along with. We’ve all wasted way too much time and digital ink complaining and arguing about Nick Holden, Marc Staal, Henrik Lundqvist, and Tanner Glass. Oh my god, the Tanner Glass takes. I’m so tired of the Tanner Glass takes.

This post will not talk about any of the above players. There will also be no critique or hard hitting analysis in this post. Nope, this is just gonna be a bunch of .gifs of some players that have been left out in the cold when it comes to coverage on how well they’ve played over the last 11 playoff games.

This is to find some fun in what has been a pretty contentious two weeks of Rangers playoff hockey.


Hey, did you know that Oscar Lindberg scored two goals in Game 4 against the Senators? Because he did.

This is goal number 1, the first of two goals that Lindberg scored in Game 4 in of the Eastern Conference Semi-Final.

Oscar Lindberg has three goals in this series. Aside from the two goals he scored in Game 4, he also had this beauty in Game 3.

As I’ve been told (constantly) goals aren’t everything. That’s okay, here’s a .gif of Oscar Lindberg turning into a human wrecking ball. I’m covering all the bases.

You know who has also been really good this postseason? Brady Skjei. He’s been something else in these playoffs. The kid deserves some love.

God he’s so good at defense, but he’s also really good at this kind of stuff

Not only can Skjei break up 3-on-1s smoothly and then come back to score his second goal of the game, but did I mention he’s also really good in his own end?

And last (but certainly not least) is a rookie forward that has flown under the radar with his play this postseason.

Jimmy Vesey, the 12-year-old that stole his older brother’s moustache has been playing really well in the postseason but hadn’t been able to find the back of the net until Game 5.

He may only have the one goal but Vesey has been playing a very solid all around game for the Rangers. Not everything he does shows up in spreadsheets or the box score, but he’s making a difference.

Vesey also made an impact in the Quarter Final series by getting Max Pacioretty to pound his face in, probably by insulting the fine state of Connecticut or something.

Look, there is A LOT we can talk about in regards to the Rangers and this playoff run (and believe me, we will have a lot to talk about), but it’s important to enjoy the ride.

Are there other unsung heroes that deserve some recognition? Go ahead and mention them in the comments. Let’s lighten the mood a bit before Game 6 arrives.

Let’s go Rangers.