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Rangers Tickets For Sale

Hey gang,

So as you all know, my family holds season tickets to the Rangers. Usually we sell half the season to someone, but they recently went in on their own 11-game package, so we have the whole year again. We’re looking to sell off the tickets we’re not going to be able to use (and with the baby on the way it will probably be a lot of games).

Where are the seats: Section 223, Row 5, Seats 8 and 9. (To note: Row 5 is actually the second row of that section. The handicap seats are below us, dropped down a row behind glass. The glass is below the line of sight. If you remember when Sam and Joe did the broadcasting from the crowd, these seats were literally right behind them. They split the blue and the red line on the side the Rangers shoot twice. They’re good seats, I promise. You can see a ticket view on the Rangers website.)

How much are the seats: So this is a little complicated. The Rangers have introduced a new “Variable Ticket Price” structure that changes the face of tickets based off the opponent. From what we can tell, our average face value of these tickets is about $125. How they’re going to print it on the tickets themselves we have no idea. But this is the full disclosure paragraph that explains the pricing below:

So to combat this on our end, we’re going to do the same thing.

Premium games will be $160 each. Those are games against the Islanders, Flyers, Devils, Canadiens, Penguins, Bruins, Capitals, Blue Jackets, and Blackhawks.

All other games will be $130 each. That’s every other team.

If you’re complaining about the prices being higher than face, know that through ticket sites you’re paying a processing fee that’s far higher. Also, when we’ve sold these tickets on the open market we’ve gotten close to $200 for the bigger games and around $150 for the others. We’re not looking to kill people here.

Second Note: The Ranger physically sent us their price guide and we realized that our face is much higher than we thought it was. So a few other games have been added to premium ticket prices. Mainly: Hurricanes, Red Wings.

Interested in tickets?

  1. E-mail me what games you’re interested in ( Some games are already spoken for, and it’s going to be first come, first serve. If I take a day or two to respond don’t worry, it will be based off e-mail time stamp.
  2. If the game is available I will let you know, and then we can accept payment through Paypal or Venmo. You can send a check, too, but then we need to wait until it’s cashed to send tickets. Paypal and Venmo are instant. Once payment goes through, I will e-mail you the tickets. (Note: E-mailed tickets go into your account on the Rangers website, and most tickets can’t be printed until 48 hours until the game starts. Don’t worry, they don’t go away.)
  3. IMPORTANT NOTE: We’re not totally sure when the tickets will be released to us to send to you. It should be next week. If not you can reserve a ticket and I’ll let you know when you can pay me. Or you can pay men and I’ll send as soon as I can.