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2018 Report Card: The Tale of a Man Named O’Gara

Minnesota Wild v New York Rangers Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Gather ‘round, gather ‘round for I wish to tell you a story.

This is the story of a man of simple, uninspiring means that was thrown into a fire not of his making and told to survive as best he can. This is not a story of great wisdom or bravery like that of Odysseus or Achilles; no this is a story simply of a man who known by many names, most of them wrong, who just did the job he was asked to do.

This is the tale of a man named O’Gara.

Gaius Julius O’Gara was acquired by the New York Rangers from the Boston Bruins on February 20th, 2018 along with a 3rd round pick for stalwart healthy scratch, and sometime top 4 defenseman, Nick Holden. After spending a majority of the 2017-18 season with the Providence Bruins in the AHL, Augustus O’Gara was immediately thrown into the Rangers’ defense corps paired alongside young Rangers defenseman Brady Skjei spending 110 minutes together over 20 games.

Tiberius O’Gara was not brought in to provide offense. His is a game of physical prowess and to add a bit of defensive stability to the backend and, well...uh...


Sure that may be a perennial all-star and one of the best shooters in the world in Phil Kessel but there were often times where our great Caligula was caught in situations where he was just in over his head and in waters too deep for his skill level.


O poor Claudius O’Gara, out of your depth the moment you stepped onto the ice for the Rangers there was very little you could have done either way to move the needle. You are who you are, poor Nero and the fact that you merely kept the fire burning and did not cause it to erupt even further than his coach allowed it to, and I guess that can be deemed a success.

Final Grade: C-

Positives: Rob O’Gara earned a NHL paycheck this season, and that is definitely a positive for him

Negatives: That NHL paycheck came by playing defense for the 2017-18 New York Rangers, you take what you can get.

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