2019 Salary Arbitration Dates Announced For Jacob Trouba And Pavel Buchnevich

The NHLPA has released the salary arbitration hearings for all eligible arbitration players who filed. The New York Rangers have two players on the list: Jacob Trouba and Pavel Buchenvich.

Trouba’s hearing is scheduled for July 25th, while Buchnevich’s hearing is set for July 29.

Some notes on this:

1) Players who are eligible generally file for arbitration because it’s the only leverage they really have at this stage in their career with negotiations. Players almost always file when given the opportunity, even if negotiations are going well. There’s no reason to look into this.

2) Players can be signed before their arbitration date. Nothing in the negotiating process changes when a player files aside from a set end date for the court hearing.

3) Arbitration is similar to court in the sense that both sides present their arguments for how much they believe the player is worth, and a third party makes the decision based on that. As you can imagine, things can get heated in arbitration and it can create some bad blood since the team is almost arguing nothing but negative things about the player. Almost always the number decided on for a salary is right down the middle from the two sides, so there is plenty of reasons to avoid it if possible.

4) In the event the two sides do go to arbitration they will both make cases, and then a salary decision will be put forward within 48 hours.