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Off the Post: The Trouba Edition

Trouba dooba doo

Casey Sudetic and Tom Urtz Jr.

We don’t always have a post for Bantering the Blueshirts: Off the Post, but the Rangers don’t always acquire a first-pair right-handed defensemen 30 minutes before we record. So, here we are.

On this week’s episode of Off the Post, Mike winces as Joe recites Eminem lyrics. Oh, and we eventually get to a mailbag that is filled with questions about Jacob Trouba, the trade that was, and the trade that might have been. As you might imagine, it was a pretty Trouba-centric podcast.

Surprisingly, we didn’t get too much into the draft, which is now just two days away. Remember, the Rangers still have two second round picks — at 49th and 58th — in addition to the second overall pick. Undoubtedly, we’ll have a lot of draft stuff to talk about when we record again at the beginning of next week. So be sure to keep an eye and an ear out for that.

You can also listen to the show by clicking HERE.

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