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Bantering the Blueshirts Ep. 149: Waiting on Trouba Megashow

Is Kakko more of a playmaker or a scorer and when should we start sweating about Trouba?

Casey Sudetic

This week, Joe and Mike rolled the flagship Bantering the Blueshirts show and our Off the Post show into one extra long show. Why? Because we wanted to and we underestimated how much we could talk about the topics we covered in the flagship.

We discuss Kaapo Kakko finally signing his ELC and the role he is most likely to play; we break down Larry Brooks’ take on the wait for Jacob Trouba to re-sign; where Ryan Strome and Vlad Namestnikov might go — if the Rangers are able to move them, and much more.

This week’s questions from our listeners were highlighted by a discussion about concussions and who would win in a fight: 100 New York City rats, or a Kodiak bear. So, there’s something for everyone in this week’s megashow.

You can also listen to this week’s show by clicking here!

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As always, thanks for listening and thanks for supporting the show. Have a great week, friends.