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The Artemi Panarin Rangers era officially begins with his new jersey!


Look, Artemi Panarin is a Ranger and that’s great. This has been maybe the best 18-months of Rangers hockey since 1994 and that’s also great. But a major question surrounds Panarin: How can I be like him? How can I look like him playing for my favorite hockey team? How can I show my fellow fans that I am a Rangers fan who also loves Panarin more than life itself? Is there any way he’s not going to be the greatest thing since sliced bread, which he incidentally may or may not be? It’s simple: by buying his merch of course!!!

Blueshirt Banter is bringing this to you because we love you. Be like Mike? No no. Be like Artemi.

The first Artemi Panarin jerseys and merch have dropped!

Let’s go! Check out the new threads right here! Doesn’t he look right at home with the red, white and blue?!

Artemi Panarin Rangers Jersey for $169.99