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Off the Post: RFA stalemates around the league and predicting the Rangers record

The Rangers aren’t the only team with RFAs to sign

Casey Sudetic and Tom Urtz Jr.

On this week’s Off the Post, Mike and Tom answer a bunch of your questions as we hit the dog days of the NHL offseason. Here are some of the questions we tackled on this week’s show:

  • If the Rangers exceed everyone’s expectations and look like a playoff team at the deadline, do you still trade Chris Kreider?
  • Did Gorton have a plan in place after for what was supposed to happen after he acquired Jacob Trouba and Artemi Panarin?
  • Which casualty of the rebuild/build has hurt the most?
  • What is the hold up with all of the RFAs around the league?

We also discuss our favorite non-hockey sports movies and several other topics including how many points we think the Rangers will finish with before wrapping up this week’s edition of Off the Post. Give it a listen!

You can also listen to this week’s show by clicking here!

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