Blueshirt Banter Fantasy Hockey

As the commissioner of BSB's Official Fantasy League, I am happy to announce that it's fantasy hockey season.

This league features some of Blueshirt Banter's writers, editors, and contributors! Also in the league are the general managers of some of the top teams from last year, who were invited back automatically. However, there are still plenty of spots open for some new challengers, so if you're interested in joining there's a few...

Things You Should Know

  • This is a 14 Person League hosted by Yahoo!
  • Skaters Stats: Goals, assists, +/-, hits, PPP, SOG
  • Goaltending Stats: Wins, GAA, SV %, SO
  • The Draft will be held on Saturday, Sept. 22 at 2:00 p.m. ET (subject to change at the whim of the infallible commissioner)

Does this sound like something that you're interested in doing? Do you intend to be an active, reasonable, and fun fantasy hockey manager? If you're nodding your head, go ahead and click this link.

Also, be sure to keep an eye out for "overflow" leagues run by other members of the Blueshirt Banter community. If you're willing to run one of those leagues, be sure to provide a link to it or your FanPost describing it in the comments below.