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A First Glimpse At New York Rangers’ Reverse Retro Jersey

Gretzky and Messier with Rangers Photo by Brian Winkler/Getty Images

The NHL started teasing images of the upcoming Reverse Retro jersey series on Thursday, and today the Rangers tweeted out a glimpse of what their jersey is going to look like.

The shoulder patch is a dead giveaway that some form of the Lady Liberty jersey is coming back, and it appears there will be some other changes to the team’s iconic 90’s sweater.

The other images don’t show much, but it appears that the main color of the blue is closer to Rangers’ blue than the original navy color. This could be just the lighting of the image, and because the material is a little different, but we will see for certain once they full version is out.

What remains to be seen is how the bottom of the jersey will look. I am particularly interested in what the sleeves will look like, because that seems to be one of the one area of the jersey that had mixed opinions amongst fans.

The original Lady Liberty had a combination of red, navy, white, and grey chevron striping. It certainly was a unique and different look, but for this re-release I wonder if the look will be more refined.

Now this isn’t confirmed, but based on a picture uploaded to Facebook, it appears that the team could finally be announcing a new captain soon as this image appears to include a “C”.

Rangers’ Facebook Page

It very well could be Mika Zibanejad, as the third picture uploaded to Twitter did include what did appear to be part of his hair.

Maybe I am looking into things too much, but with nothing else going on, do you really blame me? Don’t answer that.

Update: It could be two different images with the first, Non C, being Jacob Trouba?


What are your thoughts on this first look? Do you like it? Did you hate or love the originals? Would you buy this jersey based on the first glance, and if so, what player’s name are you putting on it?