hang in there and a big thank you

hiya all,

Crazy crazy times we live in, huh? As a person most likely considered "high risk" I truly appreciate those whom are complying to self-quarantine and stay at home and social distancing rules. I know it sucks, even I a homebody needs SOME socializing especially with friends, family and outings so forth.

That said, hang in there everyone, we'll get back to what we know and love soon enough. And I want to thank the BSB writers and Joe(where is he?) for keeping this place going and for having a place where we can all vent our frustrations and such.

It's because of our love for the boys in blue I feel like I have an online 'family' -if not close friends. And I can communicate with people without socializing haha.

anyway, just wanted to let you all know I appreciate you all.

stay safe and healthy folks! we'll get through it!

Let's GO RANGERS (and My MESS-aka Mets)