How I would Proceed If There Is Or Isn't An End To The Season

Teams and players have worked hard to get into playoff contention but Safety is of the utmost concern. If they decide to go ahead and play I would suggest no more regular season BUT I would structure the playoffs as follows:

Top 2 from each division get byes then teams 5 through 10 play Best of 3 as a play in. There you will have the same 8 teams from each conference.

Now you go to the regular playoff system except the first round is once again Best of 3. Then the next round is Best of 5 and the last 2 rounds are best of 7. This way you are not dragging out the playoffs where injuries can occur and you won't impact next season as much. You will also hopefully avert a second wave scenario where you might not get to finish the playoffs.

All teams that lose the play in round will still be eligible for the Lottery.

If there is no season left this year i would have the draft set up with 2 lottery systems: teams not finishing in Wild Card position or better will have the usual lottery and those in playoff position would have the same lottery format but positioning starts after the end of the real lottery .