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Trouba In The Kitchen on Skates and Plates

Watching Jacob Trouba off the ice and in the kitchen with celebrity chef Marc Forgione.

New York Rangers v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

While being quarantined and not playing hockey, the New York Rangers have had some time to be at home and work on other skills. Jacob Trouba has been working on his game in the kitchen, trying to learn some new things. The Rangers’ defender had the opportunity to showcase what he’s learned last night on the second episode of the NHL’s new cooking show, Skates and Plates. Trouba took part in a virtual cooking lesson with celebrity chef, and New York native, Marc Forgione. The Blueshirt rear guard worked on recreating his favorite dish, “Chicken Under a Brick,” from the Iron Chef’s New York City restaurant that bears his name. “Chicken Under a Brick” is based off of an old Italian dish called “Pollo Al Mattone,” and does involve being cooked with a brick on top of it.

Before they began cooking, Trouba stated he was “out of his league” but he appeared comfortable in the kitchen. He told Forgione how he had been doing a lot of fishing and had built a little herb garden, where he was able to get fresh rosemary and parsley for the recipe. While cooking, the two made conversation, including how the 26 year-old defenseman grew up a Detroit Red Wings fan since he lived about thirty minutes out of Detroit. He also mentioned the first time his father made him go skating was with his brother and how he hated it so much that he was crying. But, his father made him stay on the ice and the rest is history.

Although Trouba’s dish did not turn out as perfect as Forgione’s dish, the experience made Forgione miss being back in the kitchen and Trouba miss being back in New York frequenting his restaurant. “So much respect for what you guys do,” said Forgione on the Blueshirts playing for one of the biggest cities in the world, “you’re the best of the best.” As they were about to dig in, Forgione made a toast to Trouba’s season and to his career. This episode, along with the first episode featuring the Nashville Predators’ Nick Bonino and Chef Ludo Lefebvre, is available to watch on