Barkov on Broadway

What will it take to get Aleksander Barkov from Florida? I want to put this idea into the universe and don’t think its that farfetched - hear me out…

Florida won’t be able to afford him in two years, they have a new GM potentially looking at blowing everything up, and he wasn’t Coach Q’s pick to captain his team.

He’s the perfect fit for centering Panarin and Kakko (he’s from Finland with Russian citizenship). He’s excellent defensively and offers them a big bodied center to play in all areas.

He would cost an arm and leg, but we have the assets and quite frankly what’s the point of keeping these assets around if they’re not going to break the top 6/top 4?

Here’s my initial offer, feel free to change/bash as you see fit:

Deangelo, Chytil, Kravstov and the CAR 1st for Barkov.