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NHL Entry Draft Date Moved, Free Agency Date Clarified

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2020 NHL Draft Lottery Phase 2 Photo by Mike Stobe/NHLI via Getty Images

The NHL clarified some of the upcoming important dates for the offseason today.

This has some pretty important significance to the New York Rangers, who will likely make Alexis Lafreniere the first overall pick of the NHL draft on October 6th.

Other things to keep in mind, all clauses to contracts that were slated to begin on July 1st, the traditional start of a new league year, are now slated to kick in 10/9 on the start of free agency. Most noteworthy would be Jacob Trouba’s no movement clause going into effect.

This also means teams will have precious little time between what they do on the draft floor and preparing for free agency. It should be a pretty jam packed week regardless.