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Blueshirt Banter’s Round 3 Predictions

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Dallas Stars v Vegas Golden Knights - Game Two Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

We are totally on time, nothing to see here... All predictions were submit before Round 3 started, I just did not get this up in time. With that being said...

How did we do in Round 2?

BOS vs TBL: All but two of us had the Lightning moving on the Eastern Conference Final: Mike, Tom, Adam, Bryan, Jack, Brianna, and me. But Mike gets the extra point for being the only one of us to have Tampa Bay advancing in five games.

NYI vs PHI: We gave the Flyers a slight edge in this series, but Tom, Brianna, Matt, and I were right with the Islanders. Bonus points to Brianna and I because women are smarter and knew this would go the distance.

DAL vs COL: Everyone of us had Colorado except for Brianna, who correctly had Dallas in seven games.

VAN vs VGK: We all had Vegas over Vancouver in this Pacific Division matchup, but most of us thought it would end in six or seven games. I had it going seven games, so I win!

If we’re only looking at who was correct in terms of team prediction, I was in the lead after Round 1 with six points. After this round, I’m still in the lead with 9. But stick taps to Brianna for a perfect 4-0 score in the semifinals, which put her in second place with eight points.

With the addition of a bonus point to everyone who got both the team and number of games right, Kevin led with eight points after Round 1. After Round 2, Brianna and I are tied for the lead with 12.

Round 3 Predictions

All of us picked the Lightning to reach the Stanley Cup Final (no bias from this Rangers’ blog...). And six of us think it’ll be a six-game series.

In the West, we once again are all picking the Golden Knights to advance. We’re a bit more split here on the number of games, but we are leaning closer to it being a six game series.

So, we’re predicting a Lightning-Golden Knights Final, which means we’re all actually in for an Islanders-Stars matchup.