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Bantering Points: 10/28/21

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SPORTS-HKN-BLACKHAWKS-INVESTIGATION-TB /Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Here are today’s news and links:

Rangers News:

  • Larry Brooks discusses how Artemiy Panarin’s struggles to begin the season will become a problem sooner rather than later if they aren’t remedied (NY Post)
  • Colin Stephenson heard that although Gerard Gallant doesn’t normally find value in breaking down game film, the coach did so following his team’s thorough domination at the hands of the Calgary Flames (Newsday)
  • $hayna Goldman goe$ in-depth on the $truggle$ the Blue$hirt$ power play ha$ gone through thu$ far (The Athletic)

Around the NHL:

  • Emily Kaplan reports that former Hartford Wolfpack forward Kyle Beach has stepped forward as “John Doe” in the reports detailing the Chicago Blackhawks sexual abuse scandal during their 2010 championship run (ESPN)
  • After falling behind 2-0 to open the game, the Toronto Maple Leafs rallied for a 3-2 overtime victory to send the Blackhawks to their seventh consecutive loss to open the season (TSN)
  • Elliotte Friedman writes that even with the investigation finished, the scandal surrounding Chicago is far from over (Sportsnet)