BSB's 2021 March Madness Challenge

Hey everyone. For the eighth straight year, I'm hosting BSB's March Madness Bracket Challenge on Yahoo. This challenge is free to enter, and is just for fun and bragging rights. The winner also gets one weather map of his or her choosing! Those of you who were in the 2019 Bracket Challenge may have already received an email invite to join this year's challenge. For the rest of you: to join, CLICK HERE. Make sure you are signed into your Yahoo account. Once signed in, click "Join Group." Here is the info (all case-sensitive) you may need to enter to join the pool:

POOL NAME: Blueshirt Banter


GROUP ID: 9571

Each participant is limited to one bracket. You will be able to begin filling out your bracket after the NCAA announces the participants on Sunday, March 14. Note that you can change your bracket's name (such as to your BSB name) by clicking on the gear-shaped symbol above your bracket. Also, don't forget to enter a score for the championship game in the tiebreaker boxes. THE DEADLINE TO SUBMIT A BRACKET IS FRIDAY, MARCH 19 AT 12:00PM EDT. Once you submit your bracket, you are able to edit it up until the deadline. MAKE SURE YOU RESUBMIT YOUR BRACKET EACH TIME YOU MAKE CHANGES!!

Good luck to everyone who participates. Feel free to invite friends and family, even if they're not BSB members. Simply point them to this Fanpost or relay the instructions. If you have any problems, leave me a note in the comment section and I'll help you as soon as I can.

Previous winners:

2020: everyone tied with 0 points

2019: Section 336

2018: Neil_T

2017: Zoooooooooook

2016: Frank (never found out if this is a BSBer, and if so, what his BSB name is)

2015: patelj27b

2014: Zesta02

UPDATE: The winner has their profile name hidden on Yahoo, so I don’t know who to award the free weather map to...