This year's version of the Rangers

Hey fellow Blue Shirt fans.

So we have roughly 34 games left and these are my thoughts.

First the positive:

-Defensively we are night and day from the last several years. we have structure and it no longer looks like a fire drill.

-The Lafs, Kappos, Chytills of the world are making strides in the right direction. We have to have our kids keep improving if we are ever going to become a Stanley Cup contender.

-Our PK has been downright awesome.

-Krieder and Strome have been great.

The Negatives in my eyes:

-We are in need of another center preferably one who can win a face off every now and again which brings me to my next point.

-We have to start winning our fair shar of face-offs. I am so tired of our power play only being a minute 35 seconds because we inevitably lose the face-off and the puck is cleared!

-Mika has to find his stride. I get it, he had Covid, no training camp and I believe he still has not found his rhythm. Not ready to give up on him but he has to start becoming more of himself and perhaps get a little wood on his shots. Seems like the puck has not found his sweet spot on shots or passes (is it just me?).

-We need a goalie to take the #1 spot by the horns which has not happened yet.

Listen, I bleed Blue but know this team is not going to win the cup this year (Big Surprise!) but I thought a fair goal was for them to find a way into the playoffs and playing .500 hockey is not going to cut it. Yes it is a tough division but goals are to be attainable but hard to come by.

Let's go Rangers!

PS-That trade rumor I read about Eichel, please in god's name don't make that trade! We are almost out of Salary Cap hell and I like this bunch we have. we just need a couple of more pieces is all!