What would you do to make 2021-22 a contending year?

The Rangers have been playing D. Led by Fox. Now they're playing O. Let's hope they keep trending up.

For next year do you invest to contend? What does that look like? There's the cap space for it (maybe $12m once you bring back a full roster as is. Yes, some proposals would keep Strome although all should buy out TDA).

It starts easily enough - Lundvist and Kravstov. Lundvist is a meaningful upgrade for a D that only gets better with experience. Who pairs well with him? What O is available and worth adding? I'd love to hear others.

For me? An excellent 4th Line C. Ideally multi-year. Barron may be in the mix to an already solid 4th line. I keep Strome unless there's really a reasonable upgrade with some cost but not too much. Unlikely. Maybe cap space can be part of a trade to pursue it. I think take Eichel off the table just to make this more real/fun - that trade can happen but the cost is so hard to predict. On D ideally a low risk, high reward trade for Vince Dunn that gives up a solid prospect or pick to know you have a young 2/3L who can play 2L, who has won a cup and has a chip on his shoulder. Maybe someone more expensive. Either way you've got 6 real D led by an elite-looking top pair. You need a 7th veteran.

Here's an odd idea. Would you trade Georgiev and invest in a veteran backup, both for the near-term and to mentor Shesty?

Outcome - the Rangers may not be far away from a big year. Hopefully some of the ideas here make that even more obvious.