Gallant for HC

Although I am not a hater of DQ as some in this arena are however I would not be opposed to a change provided we hire Gallant.

Although Druery was on board with the hiring of DQ now as he sits in the big chair, if I were him I would want to select a HC. With Gallant out there (Does anyone know his deal on why both Vegas and Florida let him go??), I would jump on him to lead the Rangers. Listen Vegas was not the California Golden Seals (Yes I am dating myself to all of you younger fans) but in year one he still had to navigate the regular season and three rounds of the playoffs as well as taking the cup final to 7 games! Florida was a dumpster fire and now is battling TB for the outright lead. Do you think JQ would have taken the job if they were still a dumpster fire??

In my humble opinion, the Rangers are not far off and with the right moves in the off season should not only make the playoffs but their goal should be to make it to the second round. I am not so sure DQ will lead them to that. There are alot of good points about DQ, I saw improvement each year, out PK is much better than years past, we for the most part play hard everyday. The major problem I have with DQ is the three years at the helm, we start so slow it takes us till March to hit our stride and it has become too late to do anything about it.

What do you guys/ladies think?? Who should be our HC?

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