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Game #54: Washington Capitals vs New York Rangers Open Thread

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Washington Capitals v New York Rangers Photo by Emilee Chinn/Getty Images

There’s a hockey game between the Washington Capitals and New York Rangers scheduled for 7:00 PM tonight. Whether or not that hockey game turns into something of a Royal Rumble remains to be seen, but tonight’s game is sure to have some fireworks.

For those of you out of the loop, Tom Wilson did a thing two nights ago. It was a very bad thing, and Artemiy Panarin will miss the remainder of the season because of the thing Wilson did. The NHL deemed the thing Wilson did as only a slightly bad thing, and fined him 0.09677% of his the AAV of his contract. For comparison’s sake, someone who makes $100,000 per year paying a $96.77 fine is the equivalent to what Wilson’s fine came out to. As such, expect some degree of frontier justice out of the Rangers tonight.

Player to Watch: Chris Kreider

The Rangers had a couple of recall options from AHL Hartford if they were looking to ensure retribution. Fans called to see Mason Geertsen, Hartford’s PIM’s leader with 43 in 19 games played thus far, but the Blueshirts opted against that. Patrick Sieloff, best known for running former Ottawa Senators’ teammate Clarke MacArthur during an intrasquad scrimmage, was another possibility the team opted against. With neither of those players recalled Kreider stands as the biggest and most ferocious player on the roster. Expect Kreider to make his presence felt tonight.

Enjoy the fights game!