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Let's not dwell on the JD & JG firing. Whether right or wrong, it is done and it is not going to be reversed. One quick point, will anyone be totally surprised if Washington, Pitts, NYI or Boston win the Cup? In my opinion, no and those are the four teams in our division who made the playoffs ahead of us. And a little clue, there was no way our beloved blueshirts were going to the cup this year. I went into the season thinking a fair goal for this team was to make the playoffs and although I knew it would be hard, still a fair goal (hard but not totally unachievable). We obviously did not make it however prior to all this stuff going down I said to a friend, just making the playoffs next year should not be the goal but making the second round of the playoffs should be the goal.

Drury has put his time in and if we need a replacement, not a bad selection. He does have a done of pressure on him. It is Playoffs or done next year in my opinion however that was going to be the Mission Statement next year anyway (see my own personal goals in prior paragraph). Although this forum has a ton of DQ haters, I am not one of them however I am not so sure he has what it takes. Does anyone know the real deal with Gallant?? Takes an expansion team (ok they were not the California Golden Seals) to the finals and gets let go then take Florida out of a dumpster fire and they are contenders (why do you think JQ took the job?). Provided he is not a closet drunk or pedophile, I would not be upset replacing Quinny with him. We need a center who can win a damn faceoff, another defensemen with size and grit and I would think we have what we need to make a run. I know probably every team in the NHL is looking for that but that is what we need so either thru trade, draft we need to come up with those two spots. My point being we are not far away. We cannot start off slow again which seems to be a Quinny modus operandi.

Good luck to JD, who does not love that man! Let's Go Rangers!

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