A love note to BSB

Hey, Everyone..Danz, here.

I wanted to issue an apology, and make a decision and clarification of my purpose on Blueshirt Banter.

About a couple of months ago, Joe and Mike issued a series of new rules, regarding the Banter, and how we should conduct ourselves going forward. In my writing, I am seeing that I am breaking a rule; at this point, I would like to apologize for doing so.

I am not an author, a journalist or a bloggist: therefore, I should not offer "facts" in any of my statements. I have a responsibility as a Ranger fan and a participant in this room. I am sure that as far as you all are concerned, I shouldn't be assigning facts instead of delivering opinions. That said, I would like to apologize to both the editorial team and fellow fans. In anger, I often disclose things that shouldn't be available to discussion.

It is important that we as fans remember that our position is that of opinion-gathering and sharing. We seem to be failing at that; seeking to use Twitter and other platforms to validate the desire to be

in the know
. It has led us to trying, at times, to supercede the people who are doing this job for a living. While it is true that accuracy is something we are hopeful of, taking matters into our own hands makes the need for this room obsolete; which should not be our goal.

I have been a part of Blueshirt Banter for nearly 13 years. I have led discussions, using my connections to announce trades and have secured info for both the team and the league. But, this is not a role that places others in that position without nurturing relationships. THIS relationship with all of you, has been a pleasure to make. But this is important to keep fresh and clean. To do so, I need to stop offering this and allow my fan-based opinions to be in the room.

The thing does yours. We have a hardworking editorial board that seeks out very important topics and nurtures valuable relationships to achieve continuity of this platform. And none of us need to get in their way of doing their job. I'm asking that going forward, we start respecting their efforts more, and develop more patience for both the team and this room. Leave the efforts to them, and we go back to taking our cue from their fact-based discussions. None of us are authors..let's let authors do their thing.