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2021-2022 Rangers Tickets For Sale

NHL: New Jersey Devils at New York Rangers POOL PHOTOS-USA TODAY Sports

Hey guys,

I am re-bumping this thread. I still have some tickets available. I was waiting out the Hank game and COVID protocols but I don’t want to keep this on the back burner any longer. If you’re interested in tickets I still have some — details below. Please reach out to me ( if you want any and I will price them out.

Thanks all!

I have done this three years in a row so you all know I can be trusted and won’t run away with your money. You also know how amazing the seats are if you sat there last year.

Here’s how this works:

Where are the seats: We have two sets of tickets this year.

The first is the tickets we’ve always had: Section 223, Row 5, Seats 8 and 9. To note: Row 5 is actually the second row of that section. The handicap seats are below us, dropped down a row behind glass. The glass is below the line of sight. They split the blue and the red line on the side the Rangers shoot twice.

The second is Section 222, row 13 (same principal as above, it’s really row 10) seats 9-10. They’re slightly to the side of the ice the Rangers shoot twice on.

They’re good seats, I promise. You can see a ticket view on the Rangers website.

How much are the seats: So this is a little complicated. The Rangers are continuing their “Variable Ticket Price” structure that changes the face of tickets based off the opponent. Our tickets have multiple tiers — I’d have to count out how many they have this year, but last go around it was up to 11 in total. The tickets usually range anywhere from $300-$450 for the pair. Yes, some of these are slightly above “face,” but you’re not paying processing or transferring fees like you would elsewhere. When you e-mail me with what you want I will give you the ticket prices by game if they’re available.

Interested in tickets?

  1. E-mail me what games you’re interested in ( Twitter DMs are too confusing so just e-mail me. Some games are already spoken for, and it’s going to be first come, first serve. If I take a day or two to respond don’t worry, it will be based off e-mail time stamp.
  2. If the game is available I will let you know, and then we can accept payment through Paypal (MUST BE SENT AS FRIENDS/FAMILY) or Venmo. Once payment goes through, I will secure the tickets for you and e-mail them out when I can. This means you paying me potentially five weeks before you get the tickets. We have done this three years in a row and I have never run off with someone’s tickets.
  3. IMPORTANT NOTE: We’re not totally sure when the tickets will be released to us to send to you. It has been early September the past two years we have done this.
  4. IMPORTANT NOTE 2: E-mailed tickets go into your account on the Rangers website, and most tickets can’t be printed until 72 hours until the game starts. Don’t worry, they don’t go away. Just flag the e-mail you get with the tickets so you can easily find them when the time comes .