Although one could say this about any team in the NHL, health will determine the Ranger's season this year. If they stay relatively healthy and Igor is Igor, we have as good as shot as any to win a cup. My prediction is 2nd in the Metro and another run to the ECF. I think next year is our year to raise the cup. I think the kids need one more year of refining. I do not think we need another player per se but just a little more experience.

I love the Trocheck signing. He is a better version of Strome, better at the face off dots, lives in the dirty end of the ice and I think he will become a better finisher than Strome. Fast starts by Mika and Bread are required and so far so good. I think Krieder comes down to earth with a 35-40 goals (I always thought that is where he should be every year) and our savior Igor, nuff said.

Love this team and this coach. Should be a fun ride. Let's Go Rangers!!

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