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NHL Reverse Retro Jerseys Officially Announced

The Reverse Retro Jerseys have finally arrived, and boy do they look sharp.

If you’re interested in one of these be sure to sign up for the pre order as soon as possible!

Read adidas’ approach on creating the New York Rangers Retro below!

The Rangers beloved “Lady Liberty jersey will return with a remix in the Rangers current colorway.

Previous iterations presented the uniform in dark navy and white. Reverse Retro will incorporate Rangers “Blueshirt” Royal Blue in the body complimented by red-color blocking and navy stripes.

The shoulder patches and crest will tie back to the original jersey with white and silver playing off each other, creating a glistening appearance enhanced by a raised dimensional embroidery treatment.

The current NHL Shield logo is remixed in vintage orange and black colors.

Given what the Rangers had last go round, and what they unveiled today... what are your thoughts on the jersey? Were you expecting something more? We’d love to hear your thoughts.