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Zac Jones Recalled from Wolf Pack

NHL: Player Headshots 2021 Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Things that go up and down: stock markets, yo-yos, elevators, and Zac Jones. In a move that makes his demotion to the Wolf Pack earlier this week a bit bewildering, Zac Jones was once again recalled from the Hartford Wolf Pack.

There hasn’t been any explanation as to why Jones was sent down for two days when there wouldn’t have been any gameplay available with the Wolf Pack, so this leads us to believe that a Rangers’ defenseman may not be at 100% and available to play in either tonight’s game or one of the games this weekend.

Regardless of the reason, Jones should immediately be slotted into the lineup as his underlying numbers have been better than some other players Gallant has chosen to consistently play.


Since the news was released Gallant announced a bit of context surrounding the move. Whether Jones or Hajek will play tonight is still to be determined.