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2022 Playoffs: First Round, Game #6: New York Rangers vs Pittsburgh Penguins Open Thread

NHL: MAY 07 Playoffs Round 1 Game 3 - Rangers at Penguins Photo by Jeanine Leech/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

After a dramatic Game 5 victory in New York for the Rangers to keep their season alive, this first round series has shifted back to Pittsburgh for a sixth game. Although the Blueshirts looked dead in the water down 2-0 midway through the second period, a three goal eruption late in the second frame followed by a game winning power play goal in the third was enough to complete the comeback and extend this series.

In their playoff runs of seasons past, May 13th has been a good day for the Blueshirts. The team went into Washington in 2013 and dominated the Capitals in Game 7 to the tune of 5-0 in their opening round series. The following year, the Rangers completed their comeback over the Penguins, earning a 2-1 victory in Game 7 of that second round series. In 2015, the Blueshirts found themselves in a Game 7 for the third consecutive season, defeating the Capitals by a 2-1 margin in overtime to complete yet another comeback from a 3-1 series deficit.

Player to Watch: Jacob Trouba

Game 5 turned when a collision between Sidney Crosby and Jacob Trouba resulted in Crosby leaving the game. Depending on who you ask, the collision was either the result of two players going for the puck and Trouba catching Crosby with a hit as the pair reached for the puck, or Trouba viciously targeted Crosby after his previous headhunt in the first 30 seconds of the game failed to satisfy his bloodlust. Trouba hit him with enough force that Crsoby not falling through the ice and breaking through the floor of the rink from the impact of the hit was a miracle in and of itself. Either way, Trouba is playing tonight, Crosby isn’t, and boos will rain down on Trouba every time he touches the puck.

Enjoy the game!