NY Rangers

Besides the obvious, getting to the 2nd Round, this series win does so much for this team. All Stanley Cup Champions have to learn how to win and the Boys who wear BlueShirts certainly got baptism by fire with this one.

They get screwed, in my opinion, on Kappo goal in Game 1 and lose a heartbreaking 3OT, bounce back in Game 2. We did not atone ourselves well in our first road playoffs games getting out shot 14-6 and our star Goaltender getting yanked in both games, Elimination Game #1 down 2-0 we find a way, needing a win on the road in Elimination Game #2 and fall behind 2-0 again and find a way and down 1 with less than 6 minutes left in a Game 7, find a way to tie it up and win it in OT. This is experience you cannot buy in a store. All of this was done when we really did not play our best. Spurts, yes, but a full 60 minutes, nope.

The lesson is not truly learned if they did not advance past Pittsburg. Sure, Pittsburg was compromised going in but they have a bunch of guys and their coaches whose names are littered all over the Stanley Cup. They have been there and done that so it was a great test for our boys. By winning this series, our boys received the lesson they needed if they are to hoist a cup, HOW TO WIN NO MATTER WHAT.

I love this team and this coach. I love how calm both are and it shows, this team very rarely gets rattled and in the playoffs, you need that. There will be ups and downs in a series, injuries, bad calls, etc. You have to overcome them to be a champion. I want our BlueShirts to play our game and let the chips fall where they may against Carolina. We are playing with house money at this point so go out there and hit anything that does not move, north south, get in on our forecheck (not easy with Carolina) and go for it.

Let's Go Rangers!!!